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Gaslamp Ball Mailbag

Nobody really e-mails us much. We've gotten a couple here and there and hopefully, I've replied in kind, but if I didn't then I formally apologize for it now. That being said, it would be fun to have a mailbag every now and then. Therefore, if you want to send us a comment or a question or you want us to look something up for you and you can't get 300 characters typed up to do a proper diary, then just send an e-mail.

Here, send it to me: dex at Put, like, "Mailbag" in the subject line or something and jbox and I will do a mailbag thing.

In lieu of our own mail, I've decided to try to answer the questions in the mailbag. Perhaps, with any sort of luck, my answers will be better than Lyle Spencer's and it will encourage people to shoot some shots our way. Not taking away anything from Lyle Spencer, of course. He does a great job.

What's the latest on moving in the fences at PETCO Park?
-- Doug M., Carlsbad, Calif.

I'm glad you asked, Doug. With the help of some kind Anonymous Heroes, we've been all over this. This should make for a few more deep shots, but as Jonny Dub pointed out, of the 12 more total home runs Petco Park will produce, a whopping seven is projected to go to the opponents. We were already out homered pretty good last season and now we've basically given up two more to that total.


Do you think the Padres will make any moves to solidify the bullpen, or do they think they are in good shape with the arms they have?
-- Wesley L., Mechanicsville, Va.

There's one particular situation where I feel an absolute confidence when it comes to the Padres and that's the bullpen. I also feel an absolute confidence in their tendency to frustrate the hell out of me. So there's the bullpen and the ability to frustrate the hell out of me...

Gosh, that's two questions that have left me a little bit irritated. Maybe mailbag ain't my thing. Or at least other people's mailbags. Hopefully our real mailbag will be interesting enough to get me through the whole thing.