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Padres Makeover in the Offseason

Nick Canepa breaks down the roster changes.

If the Padres were a make over show they would be "Trading Spaces".  Other big time shows build you a brand new house, do your landscaping, buy you new furniture and have professional designers in charge of all of it.  Trading Spaces on the other hand brings your know nothing neighbors over to redo your place.  Not only that, they have wacky designers that specialize in decorating with insane color combinations and garage sale trinkets.  They don't even get you new furniture they cover your old furniture with towels and bed spreads.  All of this because they work off a $200 budget.

That's kind of the way I'm feeling about these Padres changes.  We aren't willing to spend any real money so we will just mix and match and try to cover the stains on the sofa.  We also make trades to draw attention away from real problem areas.  Paint the TV stand bright pink so that nobody sees that furnace is coughing out smoke.

This being said, I approve of all changes.  I'm willing to go along for the ride.  I've said time and again that I never want to see that 2005 team again.  Even if it's not an upgrade at least it isn't the same old frustrating team.  So call the neighbors over and lets turn that old breadbasket into a lamp!