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Alan Embree back with the Pads

Okay so apparently Alan Embree played for the Pads back in 2002.  So why is it I have no memory of him?    I never thought it would happen to me but all the seasons are just blending together.  Dex was just asking me the starters for some year in the early 2000's and I could only get like 3 of them.  Everything is all mixed up in my head.  

It's like when I try to remember a James Bond movie.  I've seen them all up until Pierce took over.  I saw "GoldenEye" much later but that's neither here nor there.  The plots were never too important I just remember scenes and they are scrambled in my brain.  It's like one big movie.  I wonder can anybody keep all the Bond movies straight in there head?  Like if I asked "Which movie does Bond use a magnetic watch to rescue him and his Bond Babe from being lowered into a shark tank?"  Would you know it was "Live and Let Die"? Would you even be able to remember that it was Roger Moore?  

I'm rambling here, but I guess the point is Alan Embree sounds real familiar but I can't remember him ever being with the Padres.  I know I was there for the games, I know I was watching.  What has happened to me?

Anyway Embree seems real happy to be back and maybe at some point my brain will click again and I'll remember just who the hell he is.