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Pad Squad Tryouts

Do you think you're better than everyone else?  Feel that somehow the world revolves only around you?  Do you think that rules don't apply?  Do you think power has a currency and it is squishy foam balls?  Do you like to tuck your Padres jersey into booty shorts?  When people ask you questions do you flip your hair and walk away?  


Do you just really love the Padres and want to be their prized Amabassador?

This is the job for you!  Join the Pad Squad today!

To apply you can call 619 795 5000 and tell them you want to apply for the Pad Squad or send your cover letter/resume to or mail it to Mike Grace 100 Park Blvd. SD, CA 92101

I'm gonna try and convince Jonny Dub to go to the interviews just to get an inside source on the whole process.