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The Ray Lankford Wing of the HOF

I neglected to mention this yesterday, but Marc Normandin (who has a cat named Brian Giles) has posted part 1 and part 2 of Beyond the Boxscore's Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame. If you highly suspected that there are players who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame that aren't, then Marc's going to break down some of those for you.

Meanwhile, Kevin Modesti thinks along the same lines I do:

This week's news reminds us how badly sports needs another Hall of Fame, a new kind of Hall of Fame to honor an attribute that the stuffy old halls of fame too often overlook. Namely, fame.
Amen, brother. Preach it.

He even goes on to mention guys that I would stick in my Hall of Fame like Roger Maris, Bobby Thomson, and of course Goose Gossage. Guys who aren't even just famous in the sense that we've loosely attributed to the Hall of Famers. These are guys that are legendary.

So there's two ways to think about who should be in the HOF. Baseball Think Factory of course has their Hall of Merit. Maybe Gaslamp Ball should come up with a Hall of Gaslamp. Or Hall of Ball. Maybe Hall of Big League Hair. I like that last one. First inductee: Rollie Fingers.