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The more things change...

So I've quit my day job. Many of you probably didn't realize it by how prolific the updates are here between me and the jbox, but I was actually working a 9 to 5 all this time. On the basis of being able to do three things very fast: reading, typing and looking things up... I was able to take 5-15 minute breaks and turn them into regular posts throughout the day. Then the jbox would chime in with his posts and we'd have 10-15 posts daily about things somewhat, but not often related to the Padres.

Well, that's changing now. I've enrolled in SDSU's Sports Business MBA progra. It's a full time program, so I've left my lucrative job which has paid for the lavish lifestyle that I lived in for the last five years. I've left it and I've become Frank the Tank. You'll see me at house parties in the College area and think to yourself, "that guy's gotta be at least 32." Yes, I stole that from the Onion. (They went on and on about plagarism during orientation yesterday and I have to be sure that I reference my source material.)

The bad news: I won't be sitting in front of an internet connection every day looking for random things to throw on here. The good news: The program is presented in conjunction with the San Diego Padres so I'm sure the quality and relative exclusivity of the things I write about will go up dramatically. For those of you not familiar with the program, basically everybody in the front office of the Padres will be a guest speaker for our class at one point or another. This is up to and including Kevin Towers.

I wonder if I'll be able to use any of the posts as extra credit...

In any case, I'll still be writing something daily and the jbox will still be writing whenever the muse inspires. It's just that sometimes I'll be referring to classier things. I mean like school classy and not being so immature classy as well. I'll also have homework which sucks, but at least they'll be sports related which should be fun. Wish me luck!