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Tony the Gwynn's thoughts on next years class

Gwynn bugs me when he talks about Bonds.  He has a serious crush on him.  Everybody knows Bonds used flax seed oil.  Why does Gwynn keep giving him the benefit of the doubt and talking him up?  Bonds used to talk a ton of crap about Tony and how fat he was.  Gwynn would turn around and call him the greatest ball player of all time.  


"I still think he's (McGwire) a Hall of Famer. I still think (Barry) Bonds is a Hall of Famer. And (Rafael) Palmeiro. Will he be? You have to talk to the guys who vote on it. . . . But there are some writers who want to make a statement."

My theory is that Gwynn is just trying not to piss anybody off until next year when he gets into the Hall of Fame.  At that point I think he'll start calling everybody out.  His plan is just stay really low key and not make any enemies until he gets that plaque.  It's not a bad idea, you'd hate to get black balled after such a great career.  Hopefully this is the case.

I'm not gonna be able to take the Cal Ripken lovefest next year.  I guess he's a great player and all, but to me he's such a bore.  He's got the whole East Coast bias thing working for him and everybody loves him.  He gets under my skin.  I just remember thinking that he got Bill Clinton speaking at his last game and a national audience.  Then at Gwynn's last game we get Carlos Hernandez in tight leather pants.  Don't get me wrong I think we won that round, but it just doesn't seem fair.  

I wish Gwynn could have the ceremonies all to himself like Sutter will this year.  I just know Tony will be overshadowed by the Big Mac controversy and America's favorite Ripken.