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Around the Gaslamp

I've been kinda light on the posting lately, and that's partly due to a big change that I've taken on. It should start to pick up again soon.

  • "What about Goose?" asks Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News. I agree. I know I've said in the comments that it's a losing proposition to be comparing the guy that you want in with guys who are already in. The talent level would be too diluted. Still, in a year when a closer goes in, it would kinda make sense to let in the other closer who just might have been more dominant.

  • Ripken, Gwynn, McGwire and Canseco are all eligible for the Hall of Fame next year. But who will get in? Gwynn's in with his batting titles and Sara Lee cheescake endorsments. Ripken will allow the Orioles a chance to forget all about the crap they've been put through with Raffy. But then you have McGwire and Canseco who will attempt to drag the whole thing through the mud.

    I hope McGwire does get in so that I can watch the old timers try to kick his ass.

    Also, I wonder if Canseco will show up and autograph copies of his book on the street outside the HOF a la Pete Rose. Man, what a magical time it will be. I am seriously titillated at the prospect of spectacle in Cooperstown.

  • Baseball Musings thinks the Angels should go by the name of the LAnanaheim Angels to avoid the fuss of a lawsuit. I think they should be referreed to as the O.C. Angels. It's so much more gangsta, and I can't see city of Anaheim putting up nearly as much of a fuss.

  • They're raising ticket prices at Petco. I know many of you don't actually shell out the duckets for the tickets that they're raising the prices on, but the more expensive those seats become, the more likely the ushers act like complete dicks when you try to sneak into them.

  • Finally, we may hear something about the WBC and Cuba today. From the outside looking in, this thing has appeared to be gloriously misplanned especially considering the fact that the participants all really seem to want to play. I already have a "LET THEM PLAY" picket sign made. I'm just not sure where I should be picketing.