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Here's some ideas I came up with at last nights game

  1.  The ceremonial first pitch actually counts.  There is a batter in the batter's box and they can feel free to swing away.  The pitcher would have to throw from the mound and field any subsequent ball that may get hit.  This does a few things.  We the fans get some excitement out of watching the first pitch.  Imagine President Carter at the first Petco game hitting the batter and the batter rushing the mound.  Then you got the secret service on the field diving in front of punches.  Man this would be awesome.  Most of the time it would probably end up a wild pitch though.  Then you bring in your real starter.  It'd revolutionize the game.
  2.  How long before a rapper writes some batting entrance music for a popular hitter.  I can totally see this happening in the next couple of years.  Right now batters try to find songs that some how mention them.  But imagine if Diddy wrote  a song for Derek Jeter, for the sole purpose of being used as his hitting music.  This is totally going to happen, I can feel it.  Let me know who you think the artist and the batter will be.  I'm thinking it'll be New York people.
  3.  At the Q, Dex and I would always heckle the the first base umpire about his slacks.  "Hey Blue, what size waste is that?  Looks like a 36!" or "Yo Blue, you need a good cuff on those slacks.  What size inseam you got there?  Who's your tailor?"  People would always be thinking we were crazy that we were so interested in the type of fabric the pants were made of and such.  I was just thinking about that the other night with Jon.  I was wondering to myself how the Ump got such a nice crease in his pants.  Well last night, Dex made the familiar call about pant sizes and it seemed like a coincidence, since I hadn't thought of it for a long time before that night.  Remember that Seinfeld where Kramer learns to take his pants off before sitting down to keep the crease?
  4.  I had the Shrimp and Chimps Chips (wow that would be some meal otherwise) at Anthony's last night at the Ballpark.  Dex will tell you it's the best deal at the ball park.  I'll tell you this... it's filling.  I barely even ate half the fries.  I didn't think it was that tasty, but it was okay.  I'm not sure if I was in a fish mood to start with, so take my review with a grain of salt, or perhaps a lemon squirt.

Update [2005-9-8 18:13:32 by jbox]:

Barry Bonds said Wednesday he "definitely" will play this season, although he doesn't know when.

Bonds had been scheduled for a simulated game, but that was canceled because the Los Angeles Dodgers used the outfield for their team picture.

I like the Dodgers sticking it to Bonds and the Giants. I wish the Padres were this creative in sticking it to a team or an opposing player. John Moores would probably let Bonds use his private Jet to fly into here to take BP.

Hooters girls are the perfect babysitters and ambassadors as long as they are wearing jumpsuits.

The Pad Squad in action.