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And now we're happy again

Went to the game last night with jbox, wifey and wifey's cousin Sara. Good showing by the Padres. More line drives than long fly balls make the Gaslamp Ball happy.

We came up with a new celebration for when X does something good. Here are the steps. It requires two people:

  1. Wait for X to do something good
  2. Bump knuckles with your partner
  3. As soon as the knuckles touch, quickly open up your hand
  4. Do spirit fingers while pulling your hand away from your partner
  5. Bring your other hand across and have your spirit finger hand meet it
  6. Form an X with your index fingers
  7. Go, "Ecksssssssssssssss!"
I have no idea what else to write after writing those instructions down. This post may be unsalvagable. I'll write another one later.