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New blog!

Here's a blog for you: MetalSupply. This part makes me laugh. Be warned! There's language. This is about how he can't remember a ton of the dudes on the '98 team. For the record, I remember all those guys he mentioned, but I'm almost completely indifferent to all of then.

The Three Brians (Tollberg, Boehringer, Meadows): Any of these f_____s could punch me in the face and I'd say "Why did you punch me in the face, you guy I've never seen before in my life?!"
Man, that makes me laugh. It kinda reminds me of one time when I was at a gathering of my father-in-law's relatives and old friends and what not. I happened to meet my father-in-law's first girlfriend who my mother-in-law apparently is still jealous of. After the fact, I, being a good son-in-law, told my wife's mom that I had met the object of her envy. She asked me what was said.

I said, "It was really weird. She walked up to me, and without warning whispered in my ear that I didn't know how close I came to being her son-in-law! Then she pinched my butt."

My mother-in-law freaked. "She pinched your butt!"

"Yeah. And so I said, 'Look, beautiful. I don't care how sexy you are. You can't be pinching a stranger's butt."

Oh man my mother-in-law turned red that day.

Anyways, check out the new blog. It's funny. It makes me laugh at least.