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Last Nights Game

Jon and I had some great seats behind first base last night.  Row 7, section 111.  It was nice to see things up close and personal.  Being able to see Klesko strike out, fly out and make poor throws was awesome.  Then being able to see his reaction to the ball park booing him was even better.  I don't like fans booing our team, and I don't do it, but Klesko looked bad last night.

At one point the Pads had men on second and third and Klesko was on deck.  We both started worrying that Klesko would ruin another scoring opportunity.  Luckily, Bochy substituted EY and we were so happy.  EY struck out to end the innning, but at least Klesko didn't do it.  By the way, he's really looking a lot skinnier than last season or the season before.

Also we got a look at Manny Alexander.  We thought he might be a rookie that was brought up.  He seemed so excited to be pinch running.  He looked really nervous on the base paths, unsure of where he should be.  He over ran second base on the third out and looked around like he was lost.  "Poor kid", we thought.  Then Bochy lets him stay in to play first base.  He looked apprehensive over there as well, he had the "Please don't throw the ball to me" look on his face.  Then Bochy does  a double switch and Nady comes out and takes his first basemen's glove back from Alexander.  He didn't even have his own glove!  

Well this morning I looked him up.  He's been in the Major Leagues since 1992 and is like 34 years old.  That was a shocker.

Anyway the Padres did a lot wrong last night.  Oxspring looks horrible every time he's out there.  I feel bad for him, but he is not playing well.  Mental errors everywhere, 3 errors for both teams.  It was a sloppy game.