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Barry Bonds is back

I figured this would happen. With the Giants only five out, this is the perfect opportunity for Barry to singlehandedly get the Giants into the playoffs. I'm mad at the Padres for not putting this away sooner. Before, it was a mild annoyance. Now, I think it's completely possible for the Giants to overtake us.

Memo to the Padres: When your magic number is 22 with 26 games to go, you are not in a good position.

I know. I've heard all the stuff like, "But if the Padres play .500, then the other teams will have to do really well to catch up." How bout if the Padres play 7 games under .500 which we know is completely possible? How awesome do the other teams have to be then?

Let me ask you this. Do you think the Giants can sweep us at SBC if they have Barry on the team? Keep in mind some of the other teams the Padres have been swept by this year. Keep in mind the fact that when the Padres play teams with worse records, they like to lay down.

I wish I could find it, but I remember telling somebody that if the Padres could stick the Giants a good 10 games back with a month to go, Barry wouldn't come back. However, with the Giants only five back, this is the perfect opportunity for Bonds to return, put the team on his back, and win another MVP after only playing a month's worth of ball.

The Padres better start taking this seriously cause as embarrassing as this season has been, it'll be utterly humiliating to lose it in the last month.