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Aki minor concussion

Aki's brain bumped into his skull:

...squeeze bunted with one out in the ninth inning, a play that left Padres reliever Akinori Otsuka with a mild concussion.

I feel kinda bad because I thought Aki was faking it a bit yesterday. He laid limp on the field after the scoop play that ended the game.  The play itself looked benign but I guess as he scooped he fell and hit his head on the packed dirt of the base path.  The scooping arm wasn't there to break his fall.  You know how some athletes will play dead, hold up the game, and then skip off the field later just to get a bit of attention.  

I compared him to to Rod Twidwell from that horrible movie Jerry Macguire.  Remember when he made that amazing play, then plays dead, then gets up and does some flips and stuff.  

Anybody remember when former Dodger Brett Buttler dove for a Tony Gwynn line drive and then laid on the ground embarassed as Tony ran an inside the Park Home Run?  Come on you are a professional athlete.  Get up, hold him to a triple!

I even suggested that they put some ants on Aki to get him up, so he might do the "Corky's Pest Control Dance".  

I'm sorry Aki.  I don't know why I doubted you.  You are one of my favorite players.  I love you. You... complete me. Oh and by the way, the human head weighs 8 pounds!