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Pictures that I don't quite understand from the other night

So, I just want to say that reader tfast is great. Great Padres fan. Active in the Gaslamp Ball. High energy.

Jonny Dub is pretty good too. A little bit crazy. Always up for a good time.

I like them both a lot. I'll be honest when I say they might be wired a little different from me. Not to say I'm all completely wired up right. They're just wired diferent from me. Still, they're good friends.

The two of them went to the Padres game on Monday. Afterwards, they e-mailed me a couple of pictures. Here's what I got:




That first one is a giant syringe that some drunk dude threw at Barry Bonds. Second one is a paper cone that somebody threw onto the field in the 9th.

top of the 9th, someone threw a paper cone into the ground at the field and somehow it stuck right into the grass. That is some sweet grass if it is that cush. I just thought you would like to see it. It was cool at the time.
I got a good laugh out of those photos. Mostly, they were interesting in trying to figure how cool I would have thought those images were if I had been there and how many beers it would have taken for me to really appreciate them. Still, the photos tickle my surreal nerves and so I eagerly await the next set.

If you have some good Padres photos send them to me. Maybe we'll have a photo contest, though I think the award for "Best Photo of Trash Drunk People Throw On The Field" might be locked up.