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I just got home from the game. We did it, people. We finally made it to our destination. It was a long time coming, but now that we're here, oh MAN does it feels good.

I love the way it happened too. When the Padres started piling on the runs, you could feel the crowd start to get more and more pumped. It was... dare I say it... Electric.

It's all a blur to me now, but I remember bits and pieces.

  • Pedro Astacio really like-likes San Diego and San Diego crushes on Pedro Astacio right back. In fact, Petey and San Diego were seen in the alley behind the school holding hands and smooching.

  • Pad Squad Cory (aka Headband Man aka Gloves) hooked us up with a big ole bag of peanuts. I gorged on peanuts for the last three innings which contributed to my euphoric daze.

  • Thanked Pad Squad Melissa for her interview. Pad Squad Catherine may do an interview with us next.

  • Damian Jackson was wearing a shirt under his jersey that read, "My shit's tight, bro". I thought that was pretty funny.

  • There was a lot of cheering and bumping knuckles

  • The "flaxseed oil" heckle on Barry Bonds works better in theory than it does in practice.

  • People got really quiet when Aki pitched the 8th. Dudes, it's not like we're in Arizona. Aki's all good in San Diego.

  • I told Paul the Usher about my plan to rush the field when the Padres won. He talked me out of it.

  • Instead, I took off all my clothes and rushed K Street. If you were walking along K Street after the game, I was the naked guy with the Eddie Bauer backpack.
Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll remember more better stuff. For now, I'm going to go to bed and dream postseason dreams...

Ahhhhhhh... It really does feel good.