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Open Thread, 9/29: Padres vs Giants

Jonny Dub actually wants the Padres to lose so that they'll be the first division champs with a losing record. Me, I don't see it happening. It would be just like the Padres this season to take the last four meaningless games of the season and outscore the opposition by a solid 30 runs. Everybody will be like, "Well why didn't you do that earlier?" Padres be all like, "I dunno. Never thought to do it that way."

I'll be going to the game tonight thanks to David and Ilana who never update their blogs anymore so why even link. I'll mostly check out the Padres store to see if there's any good championship gear. And I'll also verify to make sure nothing crazy happens. It would also be like the Padres to pick today - likely a very low turnout as we rest up for the playoffs - to have a batter hit for the cycle or a pitcher throw a no-no. Therefore, I will be there.