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Bochy! For! Mayoooooooooooooor!

Our friends at Bochy For Mayor are going to be on Outta Left Field this Saturday for another rally.

Trevor Time, Hells Bells, and we are in the playoffs! The Giant's coffin has been nailed shut. The Pads are moving on to the promised land.

Join the Bochy for Mayor Campaign team and our buddy Troy Johnson Saturday October 1st at 5:30 in the Western Metal Company Hall of Fame Bar at Petco Park for the taping of "Outta Left Field" as we celebrate the San Diego Padres National League West Division Title.

The Pads are the best in the West for just the fourth time in club history and we couldn't be happier. Come support your city, your favorite team and of course the man with the plan Bruce Bochy.

The BFM Campaign Team
So if you missed the celebration last night, strap on your Bochy For Mayor t-shirt because there's still a party to attend to. The Bochy For Mayor dudes are crazy, and by crazy I mean nuts. With any luck, Brian Giles will stop by before the game and make out with everybody there.