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Brian Giles is a very sensual kisser

One thing I had forgotten that reader tfast so kindly reminded me of was the kiss that Brian Giles gave Ramon Hernandez last night. If you missed it, Ramon was getting interviewed by John Weisbarth and during the interview, Brian Giles, wet with champagne, walked over to Ramon and gave him the most tender kiss on the cheek I have ever seen. Then he caressed Ramon's other cheek with his hand before wandering off again.

I kid you not when I say that I have not seen mothers kiss their babies as tenderly as that. It was more sensual a kiss than I've seen at weddings. His lips put Angelina Jolie to shame.

When guys kiss other guys out of happiness, it's usually a huge smooch. Nothing tender or caring about it. It's played up for laughs.

When Giles kissed Ramon last night, it was like after an evening of wine, veal and sweet lovemaking. I am not even joking. It was a kiss that said, "You give me 15 minutes and there will be more where that came from."

All I know is if that's what Gilly gives out when we clinch a division, the boys in the locker room better carry protection if they win anything else. I don't want any impregnated Padres during the off season thanks to loverboy.