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Last Nights game

Dex and I drove over to the ballpark fighting a fierce sunset. We couldn't even see where we were going. We looked for a parking spot on the street. Some guy waved us over to a parking spot, that he was leaving. A prime spot by all accounts. We waved expressing our thanks for the spot. He rolled down his window and was like "I always like to support 'the gays'".

"But we're not..." Dex tried to answer, but the guy sped off. We thought that was really weird. We walked into the park hand in hand and as we entered we swiped our Compadres cards and made our way up the stairs near the wall fountain. I told Dex I was gonna blog about how that fountain always makes me need to visit the men's room before a game. He thought that'd be a bad idea.

At the top of the stairs we saw "One-on-One" host Jane Mitchell. I got myself a blurry photo. Another Channel 4 personality I can cross off my list.

We made our way up to the Western Metal Supply Building to try and score some seats out on the porch of the building. We had to wait a little bit but eventually got a seat on the railing.

Our 20 something raspy voiced waitress came up behind us and asked us if we needed drinks. In mid sentence she notices that J.T. Snow is up to bat. She loses all sense of time and space and starts swooning. "I love him! I love the Giants! Go Giants!" All the Padres fans around us were like WTF? Dex and I were like "Dude, you're a Giants fan? Why you wearing a Padres jersey and working at the Western Metal Supply?" She goes into this long explanation about how she grew up in SF area, spending her first 19 years in San Jose. Quickly I comment "Wow, you spent half your life in San Jose?".... (We hear crickets chirping). Then I go "Burn!" See what I did there? She responded "I'm not 38!"

We ended up sitting next to two guys that were friends of Trevor Hoffman's from back in the day. Good guys... class acts all the way. Former ballplayers themselves. We started digging for dirt about the players. First thing they assured us is that Trevor is a real great guy. He never talks bad about his teammates... until after they leave.

Here's what we found out:

1. Nevin is a quiet, nice guy in person. (I'm not buying that, that guy is angry and depressed)
2. Jim Leyritz is a nice guy and smokes really good cigars, loves to party.
3. Kevin Brown is a punk
4. Joey Hamilton is maybe the greatest guy of all.
5. Ben Davis was a nice guy.
6. Ashby is a great guy.
7. They ran into Garvey once in the middle of a spring training game. He had his suit on and was leaving. "Where you going Garv?" "I'm going to the bar across the street to get some ladies." He didn't use the word "ladies" though.

I made a comment how Trevor's goatee is always very neatly trimmed. They said that was only because he couldn't grow a real beard. They said all he's got is peach fuzz. I told them I heard a rumor that he's only got peach fuzz "down there" as well. They laughed but probably thought it was creepy.

We were kicked out after the third inning, but told those guys to check out the website.

While we were up there the Friar, Red Ruff, Blue Mew and the Pad Squad did a walk through. We got some high fives from the Friar. We saw Pad Squad Veronica and the nameless first Pad Squadder we interviewed. I got shy and didn't say anything to them.

We waved to Jon and Tfast who were directly below us. I took a really blurry picture.

We went and sat in the wet grass of Park in the Park and met up with BK. We watched as these two grown men started playing grab ass in the park. Dex told me to take a picture of these guys wrestling and tickling each other.

We watched the Ramon hit a grand slam and celebrated.