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Open Thread: 9/27, Padres vs. Giants

Dex, Johnny Dub, tfast, BK and I are all headed out to the game tonight.  A whole Gaslamp posse will be in attendance.  Jon reserved his seats in April in order to boo Barry Bonds.  He was talking about bringing a big asterisk sign tonight.  So look for him in left field.  He'll be sitting with tfast.

The rest of us got Park in the Park tickets so if you wanna come tell us off, then come look for the biggest toughest guys out there.  Don't even say anything, just punch us in the face.

Padres look to close in on title:

Eaton is 2-5 in his career against San Francisco with a 4.07 ERA in 12 starts. He has pitched reasonably well against the Giants this season without a win to show for his efforts. All three of his starts have come at SBC Park, and he's gone six innings each time, with a 4.50 ERA.

Update [2005-9-27 5:00PM by Dex]: We have an extra park pass. Comment if you'd like it and we can work out how to get it to you.