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Padres: This is your hour!

We go to games, we cheer, we watch Channel 4, we listen to the Might 1090, we buy souvenirs, we blog about them, we study stats and we've done our job.  We've done all we can do.  We support you.  We even kept the faith until Lucchino stole the slogan and gave it to the Red Sox.

I'm not the sort of fan that needs a post season, a world series title, or even an MVP.  I just want to know that you care at least as much as I do.  I want to know you are trying.  Are you really doing all you can to play well and win?

I'm not upset with last nights loss.  These things happen.  

However, I'm not going to pretend that this is a great team or pretend that only a couple wins stand between the Padres and a great season.  When you play consistently bad baseball you are going to lose.

There are fundamental problems with this team and they need to be addressed instead of ignored.  Winning the NL West will not magically fix these problems.  Why do we have zero offense?  Do we need a new hitting instructor?  Do we need to give other players a chance to play regularly?  Do we need to acquire better players?  Why are major leaguers still not calling for fly balls?  

As fans we can't fix these problems.  But we can ask why.  Sometimes there isn't a good answer but at least we aren't acting like lemmings and following the Padres off the cliff.

Little can be done at this point in the season to fix any of the problems.  A lot of baseball is luck, but with hard work and focus sometimes you can make your own luck.  It's up to the players and coaches we have right now.  If you want the NL West it's within your grasp.  The Giants aren't going to give it to you, you'll have to take it from them.