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Padres Waving the White Flag

The Padres should have a ceremony tonight where they raise a white flag of surrender instead of the NL West Pennant.  Fly that white flag with the 84, 96 and 98 pennants, so that other clubs will always remember what happens when you give up.

In other news...

Padres Rumors: It's been reported that Padres GM KEVIN TOWERS would be a candidate for the vacant GM spot in Arizona. If Towers were to leave San Diego, it could be a very attractive spot for Towers' good friend, BRIAN CASHMAN, should Cashman decide (or be told to) leave the Yankees....
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (registration required): "There is speculation that Grady Fuson could be the San Diego Padres' general manager next season. Fuson worked for Padres president Sandy Alderson in Oakland and current general manager Kevin Towers could be on the hot seat. Rumor is Towers might end up in Arizona."