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The Season of Suck Continues...

What a waste.  The 2005 Padres are horrible.  Right after Klesko hit that home run, I knew the offense had given up for the night.  I knew it!  I ain't no psychic either.  This is the Padres game plan.  Score a run and roll over.

Note to Klesko:  When you've hit your first home run since the all star break don't pose and watch, like you are the greatest hitter on Earth.  Put your head down and run the bases and remember what happened to Nevin.  You've had a terrible season and further more you played terrible defense last night. Defense that cost us the game.

How many dropped balls last night?  Three?  Four?  Ridiculous.  If even half those balls were caught, Peavy probably could have finished that game himself.  Call the ball!  You're a major league team but you play like a bunch of hoboes.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.  Have you no self respect?