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Three of my least favorite words: Aki is pitching! (at Chase/Bank One)

Doug Benc/Getty Images

When I flipped to the game yesterday in time to see Aki pitching to bases loaded and the game tied, I had to pinch myself. Could Bochy really be tempting fate once again? Why is it that Bochy feels Xavier Nady will never be able to hit right handers and yet somehow keeps sending Aki out in Arizona. The desert doesn't agree with the Ant Killer.

In six games at Chase the Bob this year, Aki's managed one and one third of an inning. That's four batters he's managed to get out over six games.

In six games at Chase the Bob, Aki's won zero and lost four games.

In six games at Chase the Bob, Aki sports a 74.25 ERA. That's an ERA that's 20 times as large as what we might consider decent. When you're 20 times beyond decent, you've ventured into the obscene. And I mean obscene by anybody's standards. Like dolphin porn obscene.

In managing to get four outs in Arizona, he's also managed to give up 11 runs. All of them earned. And it would be more if games hadn't been merficully been won on 4 of them.

Opponents batting average? .733, but then again, the number is almost meaningless at this point. To sum up that batting average, the probability suggests that Aki would pitch through the entire lineup 1 1/2 times before recording a third out.

The bigger point is, Aki sucks in Arizona. He's great everywhere else. Sucks doorknobs in Arizona. Thank goodness we don't have to play there again this season for Bochy to make that mistake a seventh time. I just hope Aki doesn't end up with shot confidence for the rest of the year. If he does, I blame Bochy.