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Nevin still on suicide watch

Somebody should take his belt and shoelaces from him.  He sounds so unhappy.

The UT reports "Ex-Padre Phil Nevin in a depressed state at end of Texas bench":

"The Padres don't have a bigger fan than me,"

Here we go again, with the guilt trip.  This is how it always starts.

So he'll be at Petco Park for Game 3 against either the Cardinals or Braves?

"No," Nevin said softly. "I just don't think I could do that."

That would seriously probably make me cry if I ended up sitting next to a real sad Nevin in some bad seats at the playoffs.  "I remember when I used to be out there... sigh"

Back in the lineup yesterday for the first time since Sept. 13, Nevin had another oh-fer that dropped his Texas average to .182.

Can you imagine our offense with Nevin still in our #4 spot?  

"I guess my job," an unhappy Nevin said on one of his nights as a spectator, "is to come out and do well in batting practice."

... and mope around, don't forget mope around.  See you do other things!

"I still don't have anything bad to say about Petco. It's a beautiful place.

Still?  You're always saying bad stuff about Petco!  I bet you'll say something bad now.  And go.

But the numbers don't lie. Guys used to hitting 30-35 homers are hitting 15-20. Do the math."
So what went wrong?

"I'm done trying to figure those things out," said Nevin. "The more I try to figure them out, the bigger headache I get."