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Weekend note on Saturday's game

There's a critique I have of Bruce Bochy and it goes a little something like this: He lacks creativity.

I only say that because I watched him blow a game for us tonight. To be perfectly honest, I was watching Klitschko try to avoid taking a punch on the chin so by the time I rejoined the game, I missed a little of how Aki got into trouble, but what bothers me more than Aki getting into trouble is the fact that Bochy sat on his hands and watched it happen.

Me, personally, I like to think that a save should live up to its namesake. Meaning, if the game is in trouble, your closer should come in and save it. Tonight, the game was in trouble and Aki was left out to rot. For once, I'd love love love to see Bochy SCREW THE REQUIREMENTS FOR SAVES AND JUST SAVE THE GAME!!!!

Aki's great. Love Aki. Corky's Pest Control and all that. But if Aki's in trouble; If he can't get anybody out, then how's about we put somebody in who can get somebody out.

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of hurting Aki's feelings? Are you afraid of Trevor not being able to strike a notch on his saves belt? Are you afraid of winning the game?

I'm glad the Magic Number took a tick tonight, but it should've taken two. Come playoffs, I certainly hope that Bochy can think a little outside the box. Aki can get pulled out if he's in trouble. There's no reason that Trevor can't pitch in an inning other than the ninth. It is possible for Nady to learn to hit right handers.

Let's leave it all out on the field now. Finish this up and march into the postseason.