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I'm confused about Rafael Palmeiro

So he still tested positive for steroids, right? What was the deal with him telling the panel that Tejada gave him the juice? Doesn't Rafael Palmeiro like having friends?

If all this comes out true. Then here's the order of events as I see it:

  1. Canseco writes Juiced. Names Raffy along with the Masters of the Universe. (You want juice? Castle Grayskull. Every single character was a body builder. Even the skeleton.)

  2. Everybody gasps and then goes, "Palmeiro? No way that guy's juiced. Unless you're talking about juiced down there." (jock juiced to completely spell out the joke)

  3. Mark and the Muscles along with jabber mouth Curt Schilling sit in the steroid hearings. Raffy calls everybody out as being liars.

  4. Raffy hits 3,000.

  5. Secret Source says, "Raffy tests positive."

  6. 10 day suspension.

  7. Raffy says, "Must have taken something by accident."

  8. Secret Source says, "You mean you accidentally stuck this hypodermic needle into your ass?"

  9. Raffy: "Ummmm... I bet it was Tejada. Tejada gave me something. Quick! Let's get him!"

  10. Secret Source says, "Tejada gave you vitamin B-12, dude. Try again."

  11. Raffy attempts to save his honor by committing sudoku at Camden. Millions watch as Raffy blatantly uses the number 8 twice in the same row. Raffy cries out, "F'this thing! I like the word search better anyway."
Anyways, my mind started wandering... I guess my point is, not only is Raffy apparently a cheater, but he's a rat as well. It would not surprise me in the least to learn that he cheats on his wife and takes credit for baking cookies that are obviously store bought. "Are you sure these aren't Oreos?" "Heck no! I made them myself!"

So then the question is, Why is he still playing baseball? Aren't the Orioles sick of this guy by now? Are the Orioles still in the hunt? Just get rid of him. Let him hang out with Jose Canseco and Pete Rose and the rest of the guys biding their time before leaving the world for Baseball Hell. Why do you even want the bother of having him around? Is there a recipe for fake Oreos? If so, why haven't I found it? I love Oreos.

Update [2005-9-23 23:54:18 by Dex]: After that rambling post, I read now that Palmeiro is no long welcome on the team. Good for you, O's. Came a bit late though. Now... what will it take for the Giants to tell Barry to just stay home?