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Giles vs Gwynn: The Showdown

Giles ain't happy with Gwynn's criticism of the hitting. Gwynn be all like, "You chumps ain't hittin' worth a DAMN!"

Gwynn was quoted as saying: "Just going up to the plate and having quality at-bats has been the biggest issue."
But when Gilly heard that, he was all like, "Oh TELL me he did not just go there!"
Referring to Gwynn's part-time job as a Padres broadcaster, Giles said, "When you watch us play Friday and Saturday at (Petco Park) only, you must watch our offense a lot on TV."

Eventually, the confrontation came to blows. Likely, there would have been injuries had it not been for Dave Magadan stepping in and separating the two catlike men.

When asked later about the fight, Magadan replied, "Well they were being really noisy and I was trying to watch the new Desperate Houswives DVD. I can usually get through a couple episodes during BP."