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Now is not the time to Relax!

Dex: Just take it easy man.
jbox: I'm perfectly calm Dude.
jbox: Calmer than you are.
Dex: Will you just take it easy?
jbox: Calmer than you are.

Good thing Jake Peavy and the Padres didn't relax last night like Dex wanted.  If the Padres go 3-8 and the Giants go 8-3 we lose!  Now is not the time to depend on the Giants to lose.  Barry Bonds is red hot!  Chances are good that we got this wrapped up, but lets finish this before the last series.  Put the dagger in their back!  Go for the throat! That's what Puma's do, they go for the throat. Be the Puma, Padres!

Here's some interesting news:  I heard on 1090 last night that the Diamond Backs may try to lure away Kevin Towers during the off season.  I wonder if there is any friction between Alderson and Towers.  Do we need Towers?  He's got a contract until 2007, but the D' Backs seem willing to buy him out.