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Open Thread, 9/21: Padres vs The Will of the Baseball Gods

Peavy goes for us tonight against Mike Esposito. This will be Mike's major league debut. Peavy is our ace. The Padres are favored with a line of 160, which means you'll have to bet $16 on the Padres to win $10. San Diego has won 10 of 16 against the Rockies.

In the other game that can affect our Magic Number Ticker, the Giants take on the Nationals at RFK. Throwing for the Giants will be Brad Hennessey who's in the midst of a five game losing streak. Throwing for the Nationals will be the Best Pitcher You've Never Heard Of, John Patterson. Actually, Padres fans have heard of him as he's the dude who pitched a complete game three hitter against us last week. Patterson is 6-1 at home. Washington is even more favored in their matchup with a current line of 163.

Now, if I was a gambling man, which I am, but not degenerately so, I'd wager a pretty penny on that Magic Number moving tonight. However, the Baseball Gods being the cynical ruthless bunch that they are may want to take all of this evidence and throw it out the window.

However-however! Barry Bonds is a jerk. Having that guy is a ton of bad karma on the Giants. How dare he make an attempt at Ruth and Aaron. I'm thinking the Baseball Gods take that into account also.

In either case, I just don't want another late night phone call wherein I have to talk jbox down from a ledge.

Update [2005-9-21 19:16:28 by Dex]: And just as I turn on the Giants/Nationals game, Barry Bonds has hit a two run home run against Patterson in the first. Forget everything I wrote. We're done for.