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Khalil to fans, "Logic dictates that I crush this ball."

Over the weekend, John Sickels ran his projection review of Khalil Greene who had been underperforming nearly everybody's preseason expectations. I (and a couple of other fans) blamed injury on his setback this year. Well, the word on the street is: Khalil ain't got no injuries no more.

"I think these are the kind of games that you see in the playoffs," Greene said. "And the teams there have an ability to come from behind and win games. You have to be able to do that to compete. We weren't doing that at one point, but we are having some success at it again."
Just don't anybody ask him to define love. Captain Kirk used to bust that on robots and Vulcans all the time. I'm telling you, it does not compute. Thank goodness you don't need a whole lot of emotion to roll like Khalil.

AL fans must be fuming at the Padres. We've just about locked it up, but it's still a race in every division in the AL. Don't be a hater! Don't be a hater AL fan!

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