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Padres Swagger

What did Bochy tell his players during a pregame speech last week in San Francisco? One subject was swagger. Bochy said the team needed to show more of it, even when things aren't going well. Asked which Padres are the best at it, Bochy mentioned Brian Giles, Robert Fick, Ramon Hernandez, Jake Peavy and Trevor Hoffman.

I think the Padres are okay in the swagger department.  Personally I'd like to see them become a little more flamboyant.  Follow Giles' lead.

Coach Kentara on 1090, said that Brian Lawrence was showing a little bit of swagger by "slamming" the ball into Bochy's hand when he was removed from the game.  They said that they also exchanged words in the dugout.  I watched the replay of the game and Lawrence was pissed, but I didn't see him really show up Bochy.  He didn't even appear to say anything.  I think he was just mad at himself.

Khalil was awesome last night both offensively and defensively.  Dual homers and an amazing play where he grabbed a ball deep behind third base and threw across his body to get the runner at first on a short hop.  How can somebody who is as graceful as a frightened gazelle on the field turn into Eeyore off the field?  Just another example of baseball's many mysteries.