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Around the monastery

I never understood why the Padres didn't play up more of the monastery aspect of their namesake. I would've liked a monastery themed ballpark. A lot of white stucco and Spanish bell towers. A lot of chanting going on before the game. Stained glass windows of Padres Hall of Famers. Stone statues of Tony Gwynn everywhere. Anyways...

  • Ducksnorts has a fat Magic Number Ticker. Where'd he get that thing? Jeez. That must be from Costco. Magic Number in bulk.

  • Padres MVN with a game recap and also points out that we went through three relievers last night which may hurt in the coming games. Me, I'm not worried. Expanded rosters being what they are, and Denver being what it is, I think three is on the low side. Even for as many pitches as they threw.

  • Padretalk compares the MLB to the NBA except in game terms. I made a similar comparison, but I'm over it now. Do whatever it takes!

  • Friar Faithful: chirp chirp. But to be fair, Richard's explained himself. That laser eye surgery does a number on bloggers.

  • MetalSupply tries to kill my buzz. MetalSupply better turn that frown upsidedown, yo. Else I'm gonna send some Robot Khalil over.

  • Viva El Birdos sees the Padres for what they are: A ruthless killing machine (or an underachieving ballclub, though I like "ruthless killing machine" better).