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More on the milk drinking batboy

I got a great e-mail today. Apparently, that batboy that tried to drink all the milk has accepted an offer from an offshore gambling operation to attempt the feat again. They're flying him and a friend out to Panama to try again. People will be able to bet on whether or not he succeeds. Among the official rules:

In the event that the Batboy vomits during the 1 hour time limit, HE MAY continue the dare PROVIDING he re-drinks the vomited milk and continues drinking.
What a fantastic rule. The prize money in case you're wondering is $2500. He gets the trip and $500 just for accepting the dare. For $2500, would you be willing to drink your own vomit? Give Fear Factor another couple of seasons and I guarantee you that's where it's headed.

Here's another rule:
...if the Batboy dies during the contest, all bets are considered NO ACTION and all monies are refunded.
I love the train of thought that went into that rule.

Gambler: What if the kid dies?

Bookie: We'll call it a push I guess.