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There's a right way to do a cup check, and there are about a million wrong ways to do a cup check

A youth baseball coach has pleaded guilty to cup checking some dudes on his team. Apparently, he didn't know the right way to do a cup check.

Back in the day, you could line up the players on the team. Walk in front of them using a bat as a walking stick and then suddenly swing it up into the groin of the player you wanted to cup check. A quick and easy way to check for a cup while also serving as a warning to those foolhardy players who refuse this protection.

Those days are over.

The one right way to do a cup check now is to ask the player in question, in a clear, no nonsense voice, "Are you wearing a cup?"

No followup is necessary, but if one is so inclined, an appropriate followup would be, "Cause if you get clocked in a nut, then don't say I didn't warn you."

Regardless of what you may have inferred from reading elsewhere on this site, I, for one, do not advocate jock punches as an appropriate cup check. I also strongly advocate the use of a cup really for any sort of physical activity you may engage in.

On our adult league team, we had a dude who would play catcher and not wear a cup. Instead of a cup, he would take one of the flip-flops he wore to the game and stuff it down the front of his pants.

Flip-flops, or for that manner any type of footwear, should never be used in place of a cup.

I hope this post has cleared things up for you, but if you have questions, then feel free to ask.