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Towers is Superstitious

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While Trevor is taking his 5 showers per game and neatly trimming his goatee, Kevin Towers is watching the game.  However when Trevor finally gets his uniform on, Towers turns his back on the greatest closer of all time.

Padres hope to keep Hoffman Top Secret

San Diego Padres GM Kevin Towers turns his back, closes his eyes or just walks away every time this guy comes into the game.
"I bet I haven't seen him pitch live in about 10 years," Towers says.

You're kidding, right?

"No, and I don't plan to," Towers says. "Everybody talks about how great it is to hear Hell's Bells and his entrance into the game, but as soon as he is about to toe that rubber, I'm gone."

Something personal?

"No, I'm just superstitious. Very superstitious," Towers says. "The way I look at it, he's been successful. We've been successful. I've been successful. So why screw with it?"