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Remember when a win was just a win?  

"We had two miracles in a week," said Robert Fick, "and then this today."

Now a win is a miracle.  I guess it kind of is a miracle to win yesterday's game without a hit.  The Padres getting a hit is a miracle.  

It's hard to get a hit when all you do is bunt, give up outs and leave guys on second and third.  I can't remember the Padres ever bunting this much.  Granted these guys can barely hit, but at least give them a chance to drive in runs.  Earn some steaks! (Tony Gwynn calls RBI's steaks.  Get it Rib-Eyes?)  I think the Padres forgot that scoring position means second or third base.  Not just third base.  

Mobbing Dave Roberts and jumping up and down because the other team committed an error gives me a weird feeling.  Sure Roberts unknowingly knocked the ball out of the first basemen's glove, but is that a miracle?  I'm pretty sure it was just a mistake.  You won on a mistake.

"This could springboard us," said Fick. "This tells us we can grind it out, no matter what, and maybe change some thinking about us."

A dropped ball win is supposed to change some thinking about the Padres?  You still aren't hitting, you still are leaving men on base, you are still getting way too excited about a dropped ball.  

Regardless that was a crucial win. If we were 4.5 back today, we'd be in some serious trouble.  My reaction wasn't so much excitement as it was just a sense of relief.  

The real miracle is that the Padres are playing sloppy, lazy, conservative and ugly baseball and still somehow in first place.  Now that's a miracle!