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Just back it on up... There you go... Nice and easy...

Padres continually backing into this division title, thanks in part to Barry Bonds and the Giants doing their part. We're rooting for the Giants and Dodgers to split this series and so far, they're OK. Bonds tagged a home run today. It's like he never left.

Meanwhile, the Padres manage to lose one with Peavy on the mound. Every time the Padres win, it feels so epic. It's like, "Oh my gosh. That game was pure heart! The Padres are turning it around now." But then they go on to lose like 3 in a row. Maybe these "epic" wins appear that way because the Padres literally need to leave all of it on the field to get a win. When was the last time they coasted through a win? Hold on, I'll check.

September 3. Against Milwaukee we won 6-1. That's a while ago.

And we don't ever blow teams out either. The last time we won by more than five runs was August 2. And if I count right, we've only done it seven times all season. To put it in perspective, we've been blown out by more than five runs seven times since the All-Star Break (13 times total).

I know that's a cheesy number, but every now and then we have to break out the damn lying statistics I guess.

Anyways... Magic Number goes tick one way or another.