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Autograph signing in a couple hours

Jake and Loretta are going to be signing stuff up at Collthe Mira Mesa Mall at about 11:30 and then 12:30. Is anybody going up? Jbox is up at the USC game. I may head to the signing. Get something signed. Maybe I'll be able to sack up and ask for an interview. At the very least, I need to bring a camera and ask for a funny picture. Have the dudes make a face or something.

If anybody goes up today, regardless of whether I do or not, can you snap a photo of one of the guys making a face? Or score an interview for Gaslamp Ball. If more than one person asks, maybe it will get ingrained in their consciousness that we exist. Don't worry about how much schmack we talk about them sometimes. The Padres don't hold a grudge against anybody.

I probably should've asked about this yesterday... Gotta be more on top of things.