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Late night thoughts

I got all screwed up today and forgot the schedule and what not. It resulted in me an open game thread for some fictitious Thursday game and then deleting it shortly afterwards. I think it's the weather and the fact that it's getting dark earlier. It's throwing my circuits into a tizzy.

Earlier this week, we went to the San Diego Sports Club in Hillcrest to watch the Padres game. The San Diego Sports Club was voted one of America's top 10 hole-in-the-wall bars by Maxim Magazine. It was pretty well tucked away. And it was kind of dark and grimy in there with a big dude serving drinks behind the bar. I can only assume that the guy behind the bar was the bar's owner, Tony V.

Either way, he was an interesting dude. At one point in the evening, Todd of the davidlizerblog posse asked the group what the biggest advantage steroids would give a ballplayer. The alleged Tony V. spoke up quickly.

"It's da f__king eyesight! If you're on steroids, you got exactly fo' times the vision of a person dat is not on steroids! Dat... is a fact."

Later that night, as we were heading out, the alleged Tony V. shouted after us, "Come again soon! Dis is your home fo' Padres baseball!" So if anything, he knows about marketing. We'll have to hit the place again soon.

Speaking of little places to hit, I recommend the Linkery for some delicious eats. We went for my birthday last month and really enjoyed it. I had their surf and turf while jbox had some burger with a fried egg on top. They even have a blog that lets you know the specials and anything cool that they're planning. They also linked to us which we always appreciate. Try the desserts. Oh it's good. Heavenly, I might say.

In baseball, the Dodgers took on the Giants and Barry sent a ball into McCovey Cove. Unfortunately for the Giants fans, it was foul. I wonder if the foul splash shots count as much as the home run splash shots in the eyes of those kayaker collectors. And the Dodgers won so that means we're rooting for the Giants tomorrow night. Anything to get that Magic Number down.