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Pad Squad Melissa Interview!

It's time again for another Pad Squad Interview. It's good to get to know your Pad Squadders. I know that whenever I am scoring the game, I make sure I list the Squad in the lineup as well and note if they make any errors with the water balloon launcher. We met Pad Squad Melissa a couple weeks back at a Padres game and we were pleasantly surprised that she actually volunteered for an interview! She was charming... WE were charming. We became fast friends. Later Melissa, Steph, and their posse of Pad Squad sang us Happy Birthday. Thanks Melissa, for the Major League Memories (c. Pad Squad Erica) and the interview!

Pad Squad Cory says, I got your rally right here, yo.I heard that you were the first one of the Pad Squad to discover our site? How'd that happen?

Pad Squad Melissa: Every so often I will do a google search on the "Pad Squad", just to see what's out there and what's being said about us. Well back in April or May, I believe, I searched and to my suprise I find a website that was just bashing the Pad Squad. Talking about how we think we are so high and mighty, and how we delibrately try NOT to give all 30,000 fans free stuff. I actually thought it was pretty hilarious, and forwarded it to the rest of the squad, begining a new relationship!

Here's some quick basic questions: How long have you been a member of the Pad Squad? Why #22? Have you always been a Padres fan?

I am just completing my 4th season, so 4 years, and counting!

I was given #22 when I first started. It grew on me, but my second year they accidentally gave another, new, girl my number, and man was I upset! They didn't have my correct number down so they thought #22 was available. I walk in to work on the first day and see someone wearing my number, and the poor girl thought it was just sooo cool to have the same number. Unfortunately, I didn't feel the same. By the next day she had a new jersey and a new number.

I have always been a Padres fan, but didn't become a true fan until I started dating my husbend. He had season tickets and we will just say that our Friday night date was typically catching a baseball game. That was how I found out about the Pad Squad!!

What's the general feeling among the Pad Squad of Gaslamp Ball?

We think you guys are pretty hilarious...! Especially when you talk about the Pad Squad! I typically check out the site a couple of times a week.

If the whole coaching staff became sick with the flu, and they needed somebody in uniform to manage the Padres? Would you trust a Pad Squadder in the dug out?

Umm, Sure! Couldn't do much worse, right? But I think I would only trust Rudy in there. Since he takes Pad Squad so seriously, I think he would take that seriously too! The rest of us would probably just want to cath the game from the dug out, or go eat pizza in the club house.

What's your favorite part about being a Pad Squadder? Don't say the booty shorts, that's a given.

Actually it is not the booty shorts, and if you have seen my shorts, you would know why! For me, besides being able to be on the field and a part of special ceremonies, I would have to say that my favorite thing about Pad Squad is the great friends that I have met here. I invited them ALL to my wedding and about 5 of us Pad Squadders are hititng up Vegas next weekend! ; )

Out of all the people that come up and talk to the Pad Squad, how many of them are creepy guys? Do you think we're creepy guys? Because we are. But don't count us, that's a given.

There are a lot of creepy guys but if you know how to handle yourself and the situation then it is all good. Things don't phaze me too much, so I just take people as they are. They may be creepy but bottom line is they just want a skuishy ball, or anything else you might have in your pockets, like the rest of them! Some guy asked me for my pen once, and it was just a regular old black papermate..!

What's with the Hooters girls kinda taking over Pad Squad duties? That's gotta be kinda annoying right? I probably shouldn't even get you started on the Rally Shillelagh Girls.

The Hooters girls only make their appearances once or twice a week, so they don't really bother us too much. All they really do is show the upcoming promotional giveaways and maybe do sling shots with us. We always have male Pad Squaders who regualrly volunteer to escort the Hooters girls, so we hardly ever even see them. Good thing.....!

I've heard that there is a secret Pad Squad room hidden deep in the bowels of Petco Park. What's it like? I'm imagining the walls made of cotton candy and a lot of dirty gym socks. Can you sneak us pictures?

We do have our own "locker room", which is a vast improvement from what we had at Qualcomm. At Qualcomm, our room was infested with roaches and mice, among other things, and it was always a mess with gym bags thrown all over the place. Now we actually have our own assigned lockers, a bathroom, a storage room for all the freebies, and did I mention a bathroom?!? We have room for about 5 rows of chairs so that we can have our pre-game meeting, but it still can get messy, especially on day 15 of a 22 game homestand! People start to get lazy. I have attached a picture of Cory and myself inside the Pad Squad room before heading out for a night of blitzing, or promoting, before opening day.

Pad Squad Cory says, I got your rally stick right here

Let's say I'm a disgruntled padre fan about to throw myself off the top of western metal... how do you talk me down?

I think I would probably talk you into it! I would have front row seats for the show....! Kidding! I would probably express just how much that fall would hurt, and tell you that after the paramedics came to your rescue, that you will be spending the rest of the evening either in a hospital or in our underground holding cell.

John Weisbarth or Troy Johnson?

They both get on my nerves, but John Weisbarth is handsome so that works to his favor.

Good Job! Thanks Melissa! High Fives all around!