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Leitner a little too thrilled about the last win

Ted Leitner was saying that Wednesday's game was the best baseball game he's seen in his 26 years with the Padres.  I love me some Teddy, but he's crazy if he thinks that was the best game.  He said something like "that was just great baseball and it was meaningful!" I hope I misunderstood him... oh how I hope!

That was a painful baseball.  It was thrilling when Burroughs drove in the tying runs, but the rest of the game was brutal.

Great games?  You want great games?

How'z about the last game of the season in 1996 in Chavez Ravine.  That was great baseball and meaningful as hell.  Both teams playing error free baseball, great pitching and defense.  Thrilling moment?  How about Chris Gwynn with that go ahead double and doing that weird hand clap at second base!

How'z about the Sterling Hitchcock and the Padres beating Randy Johnson (in his prime!) and the Astros in the '98 playoffs?  That was electric!

How'z about the Garvey homerun to beat the cubs in '84?  

Sorry Teddy but Wednesday's game just doesn't compare.  Not even close.  Maybe it's the drought of comeback games we've seen this season, that's made his judgment a little hazy.

Teddy also interviewed Rob Neyer of ESPN, but I missed the Padres talk because I was pumping gas as Costco.