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What do we know about Klesko?

The UT sheds some light.

"I think the fans of San Diego know that I give 100 percent."
So we know he knows we know he gives 100%. Although, if this recent slump is 100%, then maybe he should be shooting for 110% or probably even better 230%. That ought to get him up over .300/.400/.500 and he wouldn't have to justify himself to us..
I love it here, and I want to help this team any way I can.
Good. Maybe you can talk Bochy into playing Nady more and giving up on the "waste a pinch hitter to burn a reliever" strategy. We've been playing teams with horrible bullpens. We don't neet to burn through them We just need to actually get hits. focus is on trying to get to the playoffs. Like KT said, it's all about what we do now.
We know Klesko speaks the truth. It is all about what we do now, cause you dudes sure f__ked it up over the last three and a half months. All we have is now, cause "then" is out with the kitty litter.
For them to give up on me probably would be a big mistake on their part.
Why, of all the... Are you threatening me? Do you know who I am? How dare you make idle threats! I ain't scared of no surfer in boots!
You don't hear me banging on management when I'm not in the lineup.
Well, Ryno. Dude, that's why they took you out of the lineup. You kept complaining while you were in the lineup. They had to quiet you down somehow. Bad for morale.

So what do we know about Ryno?
  • He speaks the truth.

  • He's not above physical threats to get his way.

  • He's got great hair.
Ponder that throughout the day.