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More Crazy ideas...

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You've probably seen all the hurrican relief stickers on the helmets of major leaguers recently.

Here's a pic of Loretta sliding into home wearing the red cross on his helmet.  It got me thinking, that each team should be self contained.  Expand the roster a little bit maybe, but have all the team jobs done by the ball players.  Like there would be one guy on the team who would be the team medic.  He'd wear the red cross on his helmet so the other team would know.  He'd be the guy taping ankles, treating rashes, and giving massages.  Maybe it would keep Klesko off the massage table a little bit if he knew that it was a teammate giving him a rub down.  Not likely, but possible.

Have all the managers turn into playing managers too.  Making decisions on the field of battle.  Give them a reason to wear the uniform.   Everybody that worked with the team would also play. Maybe there would be a ton of problems with ideas like these, but I'm just sayin'...