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I tuned in for the Channel 4 replay of the game yesterday.  I watched probably half the game just to see the comeback.  Comeback?  Now that's a word I haven't heard for a looong time.  It had been so long that I needed to watch it to believe it.

I'm not even sure if the Padres believed they could come back and win that game.  My favorite part of that rally was Fick staring down the Giants closer after he drew the walk.  "Like yeah you don't want any of this, I dare you to say something, I'm just looking for a reason to fight!"  

Earlier in the game Mud and Matt were commenting that Paul MacAnulty was pinch hitting before Burroughs and that Burroughs had lost favor with the coaching staff.  If you needed a bloop you may call on him.

Well we needed more than a bloop and we got it...

Two outs bottom of the 9th, Burroughs swinging at every pitch.  The Giants one strike away fromt the win and Burroughs with a beautiful fluid swing just strokes it into the centerfield gap.  I forgot this feeling, but when we were introduced again I just let it wash over me.  Thank you Mr. Burroughs for the introduction.