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I love a lame team. I knew they had lost the game last night in the second inning.  Why?  Because the Padres can't score runs.  There is zero chance of them having a big inning.  Coach John Kentera on 1090 pretty much admitted the same thing last night on the aftershow.  He insists that they have to scrape and steal every run by using small ball.  Well I have news for you, you have to have skills to play small ball.  You have to be able to execute pretty much perfectly and you can't make mistakes, because there are so few opportunities to get on base.  That's the problem, they don't have the skills to play small ball and they leave base runners.  I got news for you too Padres, you are lucky you got handed 3 runs in the first, because you sure as hell didn't earn them.

Co-host Bob says that many teams fail in the post season because they are asked to play small ball and they haven't had to bunt since spring training so they fail.  I found this ridiculous.  Do major league teams not practice?  How does a Major Leaguer not practice bunting every time he takes batting practice?  He and his buddies are having too much fun trying to hit the longest home run and putting a big uppercut in their swing?  Maybe we should ask Ryan Klesko.

Klesko is done, get rid of him.  Have Moores eat that 10 million, get him off my ball club.  Early last week I thought a dog dropped a turd in left field and somebody had put jersey on it.  I looked closer and it was Klesko.  

I think Bochy finally got it into his head and he's sitting Klesko now.  Klesko can now become good buddies with Xavier Nady.  Nady has been riding the pine all season.  Did you know that in Nady's last game he went 2 for 2 with 2 walks?  Do you know what happened after that performance?  He hasn't been in the lineup for 6 games.  FREE XAVIER!  Seriously, we've been hearing about how good Xavier is for years and how he is the future of the Padres.  What did he do to this franchise?  They have completely soured on him.  It's been nothing he's done on the field, I can tell you that.  He's been great.  Yet he never gets his playing time.  No more platooning Nady.  Either stick him at first or stick him in left field and leave him there. I want a REAL answer from Bochy about Nady. If you aren't going to play him then you tell us why.  

Barry Bonds is some kinda witch.  He using all sorts of black magic.  Nobody sits out 142 games and skips baseball for a year and comes back and kills like that.  You know the only way to stop him from hitting.  You trade him to the Padres.  Once the coaching staff gets their hands on him, he'll be trying to play small ball and never hit again.

I'm thinking our only solution is a good ol' fashion San Diego fire sale.  Everybody is half off!  You want Klesko?  Well he's free!  You want Burroughs?  Half off!  Loretta?  Half off!  

Ship off Loretta, get some value from him now and give this great guy a chance to play for a real playoff team.  Bring up Barfield.  Plant Nady at first.  Ship off all our outfielders, fill it with guys that want to play like Ben Johnson.  Have Moores sell this team to somebody who wants to invest in a winner.  

I'm real tired of people trying to convince me that I should be happy that the Padres are in first place.  They suck.  Nobody should be happy with a sucky team.  They've done everything in their power to play boring, lazy, losing baseball.  Just because they are in first place doesn't make it okay.  

They will not last long in the playoffs playing like this.  That's a fact, jack!