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Alone again... Naturally....

Interest in the Padres seems kinda low, right? At first I thought it was just Gaslamp Ball going through a sucky spell and then I noticed that a bunch of the other Padres blogs (of which there aren't that many to begin with), have been real sporadic in updates. The forums, though still with a lot of activity, have also slowed. Oh well... Gotta keep on keepin' on I guess.

They're saying Chan Ho may have lost his spot in the rotation. They probably let him go two starts too many before realizing that maybe the Padres scoring 8 runs in all of his starts actually was just coincidence. And if you figure the Padres would've scored those runs anyway, we would've been just as well off sticking anybody in those starts.

So should we have kept Nevin? This is what he's been up to recently. I don't think the guy's going to make it through the season. Somebody put the dude on suicide watch. This is how he responded when was listed as cleanup, but then bumped to the 7 spot just before the game:

Nevin said to someone walking in the clubhouse [and loud enough for everyone to hear]: "You should have been here, I was hitting fourth. It was a big day for a minute. It was going to be like old times, back when I was good."

Nevin then walked by Blalock's locker and said, "Way to go, Hank."
Seriously, get Phil on some meds stat. Those are the words of a severly depressed dude.