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The jinx of the Magic Number Ticker

I was hoping to be at single digits on the new Magic Number Ticker by Tuesday, but no such luck. The magic number to kill any hopes of a 90 win season is at 1 now. If we want to guarantee .500, our magic number is 10 with 20 games to go.

Interestingly, if we were to break out the old Pythagorean Theorem of Baseball on our runs, the Padres are actually very lucky to be where they're at. With 604 runs scored vs 640 runs against us, our expected record is 67-75, well under .500. Dodgers, Giants and D-Backs are all also doing much better than expected which is extremely pitiful considering all three teams sport losing records. The Rockies are pretty much exactly where they're expected to be which just goes to show how bad it sucks to be the Rockies.

In other news... How is it possible that the Chargers can get to first and goal with the game on the line, a timeout to burn and not once think of a way to put the ball in Ladanian Tomlinson's hands? The man is your franchise. It would be like the Padres starting Chan Ho in the first game of the playoffs. It makes no sense. Anyways...

Update [2005-9-12 11:56:50 by Dex]: And even though I announced it a week earlier, it looks like Bonds really is back. Are you guys nervous? Me? A little bit.