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Gaslamp Ball Pizza Feed Minutes

Gaslamp Ball Pizza Feed
Oggi's Mission Valley
September 9, 2005
7:00 PM

Gaslamp Ballers:
Bloggers present: Dex and jbox
Absent: Kev
Quorum present? Yes

Others present:
Regular readers: tfast, PeavyRules, Jonny Dub and David (or "Dave" to Dex)
Friends and family: Jess, Sara, Sheona (sbeck), Todd and the Hude

Frantic telephone call at 6:58 PM by tfast. Reader tfast questions whether or not the correct venue has been arrived at as nobody else has arrived. Blogger Dex reassures tfast that indeed Oggi's in Mission Valley is the correct location and everyody is late.

Dex arrives at 7:18 PM by Dex. Blogger Dex arrives to see tfast, David and Sara all milling around the outside of the restaurant not mingling at all. Recommendation by Dex that name tags should be distributed to attendees before next meeting.

Introductions by Dex. "Sara this is tfast. Tfast, Sara. Everybody, this is Jess. Ladies this is David. Careful! He's taken."

Hasty bailing and explanation that he was "just stopping by" by David at 7:27 PM. David unfortunately couldn't stay as he had a gig with his new band, the Shambles. Dex tells David that according to the Shambles website, the original bass player was "the foundation upon which The Shambles sound is built". David is questioned as to whether or not he can live up to such billing. David responds, "You've been to the website? I've never even been to the website." David quickly leaves.

Arrival in a car filled with girls by jbox at 7:30 PM. When questioned for an explanation, jbox responds, "Oh that car full of beautiful girls? Just my ride."

Finally seated by Server at 7:40 PM. Jonny Dub and sbeck arrive shortly thereafter. The Hude arrives after that and PeavyRules arrives after that.

Pizza is eaten. Baseball is discussed by everybody for a while. Among the topics of discussion:
-How can the Padres manage to load the bases twice in the first two innings and not score any runs?
-tfast relates her meeting with Pete Rose in Las Vegas. A claim is made that Charlie Hustle is on heavy medication. A photo of Rose with Steve Garvey in the background was purchased and autographed. Price of photo: A little much.
-PeavyRules provides details on her upcoming trip to Arizona to see the Padres play at the BOB. A recommendation is given by tfast to check out Alice Cooperstown.
-Heated debate by tfast and PeavyRules as to Mark Sweeney and whether he is a nice guy or a jerk.
-Demonstration by Dex and Sara of the X knuckles/spirit fingers cheer.
-Discussion about the Padres hair.

Bail and hasty retreat by Jonny Dub, sbeck, Sara and jbox at somewhere around the 6th inning. With the pizza gone, half the group leaves. Dex, Jess, PeavyRules, the Hude, and tfast stay.

Phone call and arrival by David and Todd shortly after the Bail and hasty retreat. The gig is up and the meeting continues. Among the second part of the evening's topics of discussion:
-On the topic of Khalil Greene's "f__king toe", David makes an empassioned case that today's ballplayers are "f__king wimps"and that it's common knowledge that old timey time ball players would routinely play on regardless of fractured bones and "all that s__t". Todd provides counterpoint: "You ever had a broken toe, dude? That s__t f__king hurts."
-The increase in cursing is noted by Dex to himself.
-David notes that Dex and Todd are the only other males he's seen at the Pizza Feed. Questions are raised about the masculinity of the blog.
-It is further noted that David was one of the first regular readers.
-Another demonstration of the Xavier Nady knuckles/spirit fingers cheer causing David to note something along the lines of, "No wonder your readers are chicks. That was crazy gay."

Padres Win! by Woody Williams with another heart stopping save by Trevor Hoffman.

Assessment of the meeting:
-Good times had by all.

Meeting is adjourned at around 11:30 PM. Minutes submitted by Dex